Welcome Message

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,
Welcome you to KUA 2024!

It is our utmost pleasure to extend a warm invitation to the 76th Annual Meeting of the Korean Urological Association, scheduled to convene from October 16th to 18th, 2024, at the COEX in Seoul.

KUA 2024 aims to serve as a collaborative platform for urologists, nurses, and research scientists to exchange experiences and insights concerning patient care, as well as discuss the latest advancements in urology practice and outstanding research. This year's Annual Meeting will showcase exceptional research presentations and a diverse array of academic programs, providing attendees with the invaluable opportunity to engage with distinguished figures in the urological community.

Our Academic Committee has diligently curated a comprehensive four-day program designed to shed light on current challenges and remarkable progress in the field of urology. Highlights of the Annual Meeting include plenary sessions, satellite luncheon symposiums, semi-live surgery sessions, meet-the-expert sessions, instructional courses, and various special programs tailored for residents and nurses, including ultrasound and urodynamics hands-on courses, nurse forums, and much more.

M.D., Ph.D. Jun Hyuk Hong M.D., Ph.D. Jun Hyuk Hong

President The Korean
Urological Association

Jun Hyuk Hong 서명

We would be honored by your active participation in KUA 2024 and eagerly anticipate your presence in Seoul, the vibrant heart of Korea.


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